Graeme Miles

"Twelve on a Roll", by Robin Dale

"Songscapes" the best-selling book of Graeme's songs illustrated with photographs by Robin Dale has been out of print for some time now.  The website still receives requests for the book, now a collector's item, but unfortunately it cannot be reprinted since the printing plates have been lost.  However, some of the requests are also solely for Robin's photographs which so ably outlined the era in which these songs were written.  It is to this effect that we are very pleased to announced that Robin's book "Twelve on a Roll" is now for sale through the website.  All the photographs that were included in Songscapes is in this excellent tome.

For many years the partnership of Graeme and Robin played a huge part in commemorating through song and words and pictures the industrial life of Middlesbrough and its environs during the latter part of the twentieth century when Middlesbrough was undergoing great change.  Their illustrated talks were famous, with Graeme narrating to highlight the photographs and Robin singing Graeme's songs.

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Graeme Miles Bursary 2017

Graeme Miles Bursary 2017:  Many congratulations to Scotland's Alasdair Paul whi is the 2017 recipient of the bursary. Alasdair is from the Highlands region and studied at The University of Newcastle, reading traditiional music. He now performs and teaches. His influences are mainly traditinal - Scottish, Irish and Northumbrian and he now plays mainly with three bands - Pons Aelius, Birlinn Jiarg and The Flyting. He hopes to acquire recording equipment with the bursary to further his career. Watch Alasdair on youtube or SoundCloud and on Twitter. Beautiful stuff!

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Sales boost

The recent BBC Radio 4 programme Muse which had as its guest The Young 'Uns has certainly boosted sales of Graeme's work.  It is wonderful ot know that his songs are finally being exposed on a national network. Perhaps a street in Middlesrough will now be named after Graeme!

Both CDs and books have sold in abundance and helped to boost funds for Teesside Hospice where Graeme spent his last few weeks. Recently Annie Miles, Graeme's widow, send £200 to the hospice to enable it to keep up its excellent work.

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Songscapes: this wonderful book  is now available in song form. That is to say, it is possible to purchase the songs with notation and words but without Robin Dale's photographs. This work does take time so do be prepared to wait a few days before receiving your copy. For the cost of £45, postage and packaing £5 extra, you will received 57 of Graeme's songs including his  best loved ones for less that £1 each. Please order through the website.  Songs include My Eldorado, When The Snows of Winter Fall, The Shores of Old Blighty, Where Ravens Feed, Farndale Daffodils, When the Tees Ran Warm, Waiting for the Ferry and Fair Rosedale.

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