Graeme Miles

Graeme Miles on BBC Radio 4

It is with delight that Friends of Graeme Miles can announce that Graeme and his music is to be featured on BBC Radio at 4pm on Monday, October 2nd

The programme strongly features The Young 'Uns who will be talking about Graeme and why he is their inspiration

The programme, entitled Muse, is the final part of a three-part series. Monday's programme also features Lynne Truss who will be talking about Joni Mitchell and Mark Bellingham whose muse is guitarist Hank Marvin

For Graeme to be featured with such great luminaries as Joni Mitchell and Hank Marvin is indeed  putting him with the gods, which is where we know Graeme deserves to be.

On Tuesday, October 10th Ironopolis Singers Kevin Hall, Ailsa MacKenzie, Mick Madden and Colin Mather will perform Songs of Ironopolis and Purple Acres - two shows of Graeme's industrial and moorland songs - at The Foggy Furze Folk Club in Hartlepool. Two shows for the price of one! Instruments include banjo, mountain dulcimer and Celtic harp. Should be a great night!