Graeme Miles

Latest news

In the last year or so it has been extremely gratifying to know that Graeme's songs continue to increase in popularity.  National radio programmes have helped further to highlight his work and the result has been a large increase in orders for his books and for CDs of his songs.  Christmas time 2020 proved especially fruitful with orders from home and abroad including The United States of America where he is becoming especially popular.  Work continues further to promote his songs through CDs, books and concerts.  Despite the limitations imposed as a result of the covid virus, those who knew and loved Graeme continued to work hard to bring out more of his songs for public consumption.  A complete archive of his songs, recordings, drawings and proses has now beeen achieved. It includes some 350 of his songs, all on CD with Graeme singing and playing a variety of instruments including a loud hailer!  In addition, a book of Graeme's life and work is in the pipeline.

The Ironopolis Singers, the group co-founded by Graeme and Kevin Hall is working now to bring out a new show next year.  Rehearsals begin in October.  We'll keep you up to date with this exciting venture.