Graeme Miles

Sea Coal

The Graeme Miles official website is both tickled pink and highly delighted with the announcement that Camerons' Brewery of Hartlepool has brought out a special festival ale for this year's Hartlepool Folk Festival which takes place on Headland between the 16th and 18th of October.

The traditional milk stout has been named Sea Coal and is brewed using chocolate and crystal malts to give it a distinctive, coal-black colour.

Graeme's first song, written at the age of 14, was Sea Coal. It remains one of his best-known songs and is about the town of Hartlepool where Graeme's was a student along with contemporary, film maker Ridley Scott. Its pump clip features a line from the song : 'It’s a cold place in winter, is Old Hartlepool.”

The beer also commemorates the festival’s song project, also called Sea:Coal.

We hope festival goers will sup loads of it and raise a glass to Graeme at the same time. He would have been pleased.