Graeme Miles


Songscapes.  First Published 2001

Dale Robin, Miles Graeme, Red Scarecrow.  No longer available.

Forgotten Songs Remembered. First published 2007

A further 67 of Graeme’s songs with notation and many of his illustrations

Edited by Sam Dodds and Ed Lawrence, Folk Leads Publications. Price £15 +postage and packing.

Songs of Ironopolis. First published 2010 

Lyrics of all 21 songs from the double-CD Songs of Ironopolis and interspersed with prose written and performed by Graeme. They are (CD1) The Banks Of The Tees, The Salt People, The Iron Men, A Great Northern River, Blue Sunset, Jack Ironside, The Time I've Been Away, Fair Rosedale, Hewin' For The Ore, The Drift From The Land, (CD2) Last Thing At Night, When The Tees Ran Warm, The Factory Life, The Foundry Yard Battle, The Iron Moulder's Wedding, The Wrecking Gangs, Iron-making Town, Ring Of Iron, The Last Of The Cleveland Miners, Goodbye To The Ando's, Goodbye Ironopolis.£5 + postage and packing

The Songs Of Graeme Miles. First published 2013

Each of these songs come indivudally wrapped and with a drawing of Graeme's as well as information about him and the song. Notation and words.

Songs available so far include The Moor Of Hograh, Horumarye, The Green Banks Of Grain, Fair The Heather Grows, Moorland Yearning, Caught In A Storm, Song Of A Moorland Traveller, The Trekkers, Our Owd Woman, The Running Fox, Often I've Stood On The River's North Shore, The Wrecking Gangs, Glee Song, The Stonebreaker, The Time I've Been Away, A Great Northern River, Cricket By The Shipyard Wall, Queen of The Dales, Here's To The Lads, Do You Remember, The Iron-Maker, The Factory Life, Smoke Among The Poplars, You Wealden Men, There Goes The Farmer To His Plough, The Woeful Scarecrow, The Path By Eskwater, Exercise 69, Song Of The Clevelands, The Wild Dog Of Snilesworth Moor, Caught in A Storm, The Hills of Yatton, Pretty Meg Of Westerdale, Westerdale, The Green Banks Of Grain, Queen Of The Dales, Slowly, Gently Sadly, The Hawthorns Are Silent, In Praise Of Barrelled Beer, The Crested Lark, When Thrushes Sing To Greet The Dawn, Dark December, Donald Sullivan, Old William.

This series is hand-crafted. Songs may be bought individually at a cost of £3 incl. p+p. 

Please ask if you wish for a particular song of Graeme's to be notated.

All profits go to charity