Graeme Miles

Graeme Miles Tribute Evening, Friday April 17th, 2015

This was a wonderful evening of song and music, held at Middlesbrough Little Theatre club, staged by Graeme’s widow Annie. MC for the night was Ken Hall. The audience was welcomed by Ailsa MacKenzie on celtic harp, with the proceedings starting with Martyn Wyndham-Read. The entertainment brought together many fine performers and friends of Graeme’s and as a result there was a wonderful atmosphere of warmth, friendliness and love for Graeme and his work.

Among those taking part were many who have been and continue to be inspired and driven by Graeme’s work: The Wilsons, Ken Hall, Marion Hall, Colin Mather, Robin Dale, Albert Elliot, Ailsa MacKenzie, Alexandra Angel, Martyn Wyndham-Read, Anna Shannon, Gerry O’ Connor, from Dublin, Mick Madden, Graham Walker, Stan Croft, Di Henderson, Kevin Hall, Tony and Margaret Maughan and John Wilson.

Also at the tribute evening was Joe Hammill, a member of Thornaby-on-Tees family band Cattle and Cane which became the first recipient of money from The Graeme Miles Bursary.

Among his songs performed were El Dorado, The Last Of The Cleveland Miners, Celandine and Columbine, The Hawthorns Are Silent, The Crying Crakes, The Drift From The Land, The Lapwing’s Feather (a duet by Martyn and Marion), The Stonebreaker, The Sea Coal Man, Riding On The Tranny, and Often I’ve Looked From The River’s North Shore. The evening ended with flowers being presented to Annie and with the emotional song Last Call of the Day which was performed at Graeme’s funeral service in April 2013.

Money raised from the evening will go to Teesside hospice funds.